Pep Coll

Palma de Mallorca 1959

By: Roberto Díaz

Pep Coll is a painter working in the tradition of lyrical and chromatic abstraction. He has been active since the late 1970s. In his work, he employs a sign language that is almost pictographic, along the lines of Miró's constellations, with recurring forms such as zigzagging lines, spirals, crosses, arrows, heavenly forms, grids and signs on chromatic and material backgrounds. These serve as a mural surface, displaying a visual world that refers back to childhood, the collective unconscious and the notion of eternal return.

Since his first exhibition at the Joaquín Mir Gallery (Palma, 1983), Coll's work has been the subject of regular solo shows at some major Spanish galleries, particularly the Galería Término (Madrid, 1989); the Altair Gallery (Palma, 1988 and 1991); the Val i 30 Gallery (Valencia, 1991); Sala Pelaires (Palma, 1994 and 1998); Pilar Mulet Gallery (Madrid, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2005); and Maneu Galeria d'Art (Palma, 2014).